Weight Management

Managing your weight is all about changing your lifestyle and existing habits ... and this is not easy ... 

When you lose weight, your diet should change gradually.  It should not interfere too much with your lifestyle.  You need to keep in mind that food feeds your body in many different ways.  If you are starving yourself, can you really concentrate at work while going through a quick weight loss diet?

Healthy weight management  requires a complete overhauling of your current understanding and beliefs about nutrition and this is what Morphett Vale Chiropractic and Wellness Weight Management Program does through a clear and simple 3 stage process:

Stage 1- Detox and loose weight up to 2kg per week

This stage is using the proven and successful eating program of Ultra Lite Education.

The Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program is a naturally balanced program based on scientific studies which have been carried out by Harvard University in the United States.

From the humble beginnings of one clinic in Melbourne, the Ultra Lite program is now currently recommended by almost 550 health professionals, pharmacies, day spas and health food stores in Australia and New Zealand. More than 400,000 patients have participated in the program.

The program is focused on providing you with an eating plan that is easy, uses real food and provides a menu of choice.

Included in the program cost is a start-up package and daily supplementation with all the necessary amounts of protein (based on recommendations of the World Health Organisation) carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids in correct balance.

Stage 2 - Maintain your new weight and allow your brain to acknowledge your new body needs.   

Learn how to slowly introduce diversity and balance in your every day meals and never allow your weight to creep back on you.

Stage 3 - Learn our simple 80%-20% rule of eating diverse, balanced meals and enjoy your treats in moderation while maintaining an active and energetic lifestyle.

Simply put - if you are "good" 80% of the time you can afford to be "naughty" 20% of the time.